Town council’s proposal to take over public loos

Khyber Pass toilets''w135018b
Khyber Pass toilets''w135018b

The town council is bidding to take over the running of Whitby’s public toilets.

A review is currently being undertaken by the borough council on how much it is costing the authority to allow visitors and locals to spend a penny.

It means that some conveniences are under threat of being closed down because the council says it is costing too much money.

The proposal for the town council to take on six toilets

•New Quay Road

•Whitby Abbey

•Market Square

•West Cliff

•Khyber Pass


were put to the montly meeting last week.

Borough and town councillor, Phil Trumper said: “The proposal is Whitby Town Council takes over all toilets in the town as leasehold and one as free hold.

“There is obviously a lot of consideration to be made with regards taking them over and how we maintain them because we want them to be maintained to a high level.

“The potential income from charging 20p is being considered and we know how much it will cost to maintain them.

“As a council we have questioned for many years shoulkd td the town council be running more assets and facilities and this is an opportunity for us to do that.”

The town council expressing an interest in taking over the toilets is not binding and more consultation and negotiation will be needed as some of the toilets are in need of maintenance and cleaning.

However, not all members were in favour of the idea.

Cllr Ian Havelock said: “We are going to be bailing the borough council out of a situation.

“Perhaps the town council taking over is better than no toilets at all but perhaps the borough should maintain them.

“If we take over the toilets I very much doubt it will be a money making venture. It will be a loss making venture and of a very substantial proportion.”

Other parish councils such as Lythe and Hinderwell have been asked to take on local toilets but say they simply can’t afford it.”