Town council homing in on Olympic stunt

WHITBY Town Council is to consider making a gold medal to be presented to the first pigeon to land back in town after being released at the 2012 Olympics.

Former town councillor Pete Budd has repeatedly asked the authority to consider his idea.

It was met with a mixed reaction at their monthly meeting on Tuesday but it has been referred to the finance for further debate.

Coun John Freeman dismissed the idea saying: “You can’t take pigeons from any area and expect him to fly home - pigeons don’t do that.”

Coun John McEachin said there were various things to consider.

He said: “I was brought up with racing pigeon people and one, you have to organise the race properley, two, you have to get permission to release pigeons from anywhere, three, the race has to be managed because every single pigeon loft is a different distance from the release point.

“That is why they have rings and clocks for clocking them in. It is a nice idea but a hell of a lot of organisation. Can you guarantee you would organise it?”

Mr Budd said working with the town council and an incentive from them it would take off and that the sport was big in Holland and Belgium.”

Coun Ian Havelock added: “There are elements that seem strange but in terms of good PR for Whitby, it is good sense. If were able to provide a medal it would get into the news and be very worthwhile, it is not something we should imeediatley disregard.”