Town assembly passes a vote of no confidence

A VOTE of no confidence has been passed at Scarborough Borough Council’s lack of investment in the town’s maritime infrastructure at Whitby’s annual town assembly.

The vote followed around 90 minutes of debate from the public and members of Whitby Town Council at Whitby Coliseum on Wednesday 16 March.

Residents including harbour users Ken Graham and Glenn Kilpatrick spoke about the “derelict state” of the harbour area including the piers, lighthouse and swing bridge and said there had been a “total lack of investment” by the borough council.

Mr Kilpatrick said: “The state of the piers is beyond belief. The handrails are rotting on the piers. If you look at the capstans they are all rotten and beyond repair.

“When you take a closer look, the town is falling to pieces.”

Speaking as a member of the public, Coun Ian Havelock added: “There’s a great deal of dereliction and it doesn’t need an expert to identify it.”

He added the borough council recently scooped a five star award for cleanliness of the borough’s streets.

“There are parts of the town that are gravely neglected. I’m very sad to see it,” he added.

Free Whitby campaigner Nigel Ward also spoke and said it was his intention to stand as a town councillor at the forthcoming May elections.

At the meeting, 10 people voted in favour of the vote of no confidence, five people were against it and there were three abstentions

Vice-chairman of Whitby Harbour Board, Laurie Farmer told the meeting the board is still in discussion with the council to agree the Memorandum of Understanding about which assets in the harbour it will be responsible for and would be ratified later this month.

A second vote was also held in support of the harbour board in seeking to appropriate sufficient long-term funding for the assets in the harbour they will be responsible for.

Twenty people voted in favour, no-one voted against and there were two abstentions.

A spokeswoman for Scarborough Borough Council said: “We are fully aware of the two motions that were considered at the recent assembly and we have noted the results. However, without any further written details of the motion which related to a vote of no confidence in Scarborough Borough Council, it is not possible for us to comment further.”