Total-ly great start for White Lily kitty

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Whitby’s White Lily funds for the new season are up and running thanks to a nurse from Egton who completed a 10-mile Total Warrior course in the Lake District.

Sister Kate Sanderson and her colleagues from intensive care at James Cook University Hospital completed the gruelling course, described as “the pinnacle of obstacle racing” in torrential rain and wind.

Kate said: “Every single penny and scar were well and truly earned, with £561 raised.

“Thank you to all who sponsored me, friends, family, neighbours. Special thanks to Ron Blades, Esk Valley Dancers, White Hart Inn, Castleton and Danby Bowling Club, Honeyz, Cake Toppers by Jenny and Valley Vipers.” White Lily raises funds for St Catherine’s Hospice, Butterwick Hospice and Zoe’s Place and culminates in a glittering ball, with next year’s due to take place in May.