Top apprentices honoured

The memory of two young crewman who died in Whitby harbour will live on thanks to the efforts of Whitby and District Fishing Industry Training Centre.

The annual meeting spotlighted the successes of the apprentices – and included a new memorial award initiated by the Whitby Gazette.

This award was in memory of Mark Arries, 26, of Blyth, and Edward Ide, 21, of Amble, who died aboard a boat from carbon monoxide emissions.

The first recipient of the honour in the presentatioon at the training school at Haggersgate was Jack Brown, of Amble.

Awards also included:

Apprentice of the Year – Josh Shutt – awarded by Craig McBurnie of Sunderland Marine Insurance

100th Apprentice – Conor Fishburn – awarded by Simon Potten of the Sea Fish Industry Authority

George Traves Award for Excellence – Charlotte Boddy – awarded by Mrs Margaret Traves

Holderness Coast Apprenticeship Scheme – Jordan Medcalf – Awarded by Mike Cohen of the Holderness Coast FLAG

N&W Cumbria Coast Apprenticeship Scheme – Kevin Orr – Awarded by Paul Crooks of N&W Cumbria Coast FLAG

Chief executive Anne Hornigold said the George Traves Award was in recognition of the big support that he had provided to the centre.

She said in her annual report that the Marine Management Organisation supports two projects via fisheries local action groups (known as FLAGS) – one project with the Holderness Coast Flag and one with the North and West Cumbria Flag.

This has involved enrolling apprentices from these two coastal areas, training them at Whitby for their initial 10 weeks in the classroom, then the apprentices returning home to live and train in their home port.

She thanked Trinity House, the East of England Fish Producer’s Organisation, the Sea Fish Industry Authority for funding, which was boosted by the delivery of the Merchant Navy courses, and this is attracting support from fishermen to diversify, from wind farm companies which refer crews to the centre, and from the public who wish to train for the offshore industries.

Companies who have sent apprentices are Carmet Tugs, Holyhead Towing, and Dalby Offshore Services.

Mrs Hornigold also thanked the RNLI, Parkol Marine, skippers and the landlords and landladies who take in the apprentices.