Thirty rescuers drafted in to help cliff teen

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Four coastguard teams, three fire crews including a specialist aerial platform, police and ambulance teams were drafted in to rescue a teenage girl who got cut off by the tide and tried to climb up the cliffs below the pavilion.

She got stuck around 20 feet up, between the two nabs below Spa Drive, when she reached a vertical ledge and couldn’t climb over it.

The friends she was with raised the alarm at around 7.30pm with the fire brigade, prompting the massive scale response on Monday night.

Fire crews from Whitby were called out with back up being drafted in from Scarborough.

They were joined by 17 members of the region’s coastguard crews with members coming from Whitby, Staithes, Robin Hood’s Bay and Ravenscar.

Whitby police were called for crowd control and to keep the area clear as onlookers gathered.

Using ropes and lines, which they secured to bollards and lamp posts on Spa Drive, one fireman climbed down the grass banking to the 15 year-old.

The coastguard then lifted the girl over the ledge and brought her to the top of the grassy bank and over the wall.

Paramedics and an ambulance were on hand to check the teen over who was fine but “shaken” by the drama.

The incident was wrapped up by around 9pm.

It is believed that the girl was from Middlesbrough and was in Whitby on a day out at the beach with family and friends.

Nathan Brown, from Whitby coastguard said: “We were called to a female stuck on the cliff. On arrival the fire crews had half set up and were ready to extricate the casualty.

“She had climbed up and could not get over the ledge.

“She stopped - which was the right thing to do even though climbing up was the wrong thing to do.

“The fire brigade put a man down and we put a man down and in a joint operation we lifted her over the ledge and brought her back up the cliff.

“Once the rescuers were with her she was perfectly fine.”

The huge emergency services response included almost 30 people from across the coastguard, fire, police, ambulance and paramedic service.

Mr Brown said: “We got the call that she was stuck, as simple as that.

“We did not know the condition or circumstances until we arrived and we had to locate and assess her.”