Third reunion for youth club

St Martin's Youth Club 1st reunion in 2009
St Martin's Youth Club 1st reunion in 2009
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An old youth club met for its third reunion dinner at Botham’s in Skinner Street.

Originally hailing from Middlesbrough, St Martin’s Church Youth Club (1954-65) made many enjoyable visits to Whitby and have continued to do so over the years.

Ken Wilson, the organiser of the youth club reunions, said: “At our first reunion in 2009 we had 88 old members present who came from all parts of Great Britain. It took me eight months to collate all the names and addresses from members who could remember where they had moved to.

“Through the reunion, we have now become very good friends. Four of us have a regular Wednesday trip out – last week, Tilly Oatway, Brian Thornton, Ken Potts and I visited Staithes.”

At the reunion held at the end of last month, there were 22 old members of St Martin’s Church Youth Club present, all over the age of 73.

The group started to break up in the late 60s as most of the lads were called up for National Service.

Now, however, despite the fact that many members of the group have moved out of the area and lived long, varied lives, the club is still determined to return to Whitby for their special reunion.

As Mr Wilson explained: “We would like to print our story to let all your Whitby readers know that we have Whitby at our heart, and that is why we returned to Botham’s to have our third reunion dinner.”