These were all the Whitby incidents reported to police on 'Black Eye Friday'

Black Eye Friday was as busy as police predicted, with fights, anti-social behaviour and boy racers in Whitby.

Monday, 24th December 2018, 10:34 am
Updated Tuesday, 8th January 2019, 4:05 pm
North Yorkshire Police tweeted details of all the 999 calls they received

North Yorkshire Police Tweeted details of every 999 call they received from noon until 6am, to show the range of emergencies (and some which are definitely not emergencies) they are asked to attend.

One of the most bizarre incidents of the night saw a woman complain that a chippy had given her a sausage instead of the fish she wanted.

This is the full list of Whitby incidents

* Caller reports seeing a photo on Snapchat of what appears to be underage drinkers in a bar in Whitby. Unable to say which one.

* Report of an assault coming in from the Whitby area. Taking the details now.

* Report of man being chased by another on a bike in Whitby

* Reports of a group of men fighting in a park in Whitby. Mobilising officers

* Officers are helping ambulance staff gain entry to a house in Whitby to help a woman

* Caller reports that two men have demanded money and assaulted him in an alley in Whitby. Officers are with the victim and have requested @YorksAmbulance to attend

* Caller reports that he was splitting up a fight outside a pub in Whitby and has been injured as result. He is going to come to one of our police stations to speak to one of our officers tomorrow

* Reports of a man in Whitby refusing to leave a pub and being aggressive with door staff. Officers attending.

* Caller reports four or five cars racing around in a car park in Whitby. CCTV are monitoring

* Abandoned call from a mobile phone in the Whitby area. Trying to trace the caller.