The journey of a jackdaw Jack

A JOLLY jackdaw which took up residence in a pensioner’s conservatory had also been living it up on a Fylingdales Farm.

Pip Le Cornu from Wragby Farm read about the bird having taken a shine to Freda Hodgson at Fylingthorpe last week after landing on her shoulder at Raw and refusing to fly off.

He eventually flew the nest on Thursday after spotting a fellow jackdaw outside.

But, the week before he had enjoyed being fed twice a day by Pip and her husband but they were left wondering where he had gone after he suddenly left the farm.

Pip said: “He was peering through the glass doors at us in the kitchen.

“We have a clattering of jackdaws close by but this bird was clearly quite different.

“He was much smaller and acting quite differently, pecking at things as if he wasn’t sure if they were edible and playing with a clothes peg.

“I said to my husband I thought he must be a pet and went outside to check.

“A few years ago Jim Ward had a pet jackdaw and had shown me how to call him.

“I called this bird the same way and he flew over to the stone wall next to me.

“I called him again and he flew onto my shoulder.”

From then Jack, as they named him, followed Pip around the farm.

He was there when she went to feed the sheep and would swoop down whenever she came out of the house.

She added: “He became almost a permanent fixture.

“One day he became very stressed when I got into my car and he hung onto the wing mirror for as long as he could.

“As soon as I got home he flew down from the roof and clung to my shoulder as I walked around.

“The day Jack flew off my husband and I had driven away for a long weekend.

“When we came back home again Jack was nowhere to be seen.

“I am just pleased to learn that he was alive and well and hadn’t come to a sticky end.”