Temporary bridge to West Pier extension is opened

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ACCESS was finally reinstated to the West Pier extension after council contractors worked through the weekend.

A temporary bridge has been constructed until a more permanent structure can be installed at a later date.

Work got underway on Thursday and councillors took a stroll over the bridge yesterday morning.

It has been closed since September when officials deemed it unfit for public use, causing outcry among residents, anglers and fishing businesses.

Mike Cockerill, chairman of Whitby Harbour Board, said: “I understand the inconvenience suffered by some as a result of the pier extension being closed off this last few months, but I would like to reassure people that the council and the harbour board have worked hard to ensure access could be restored as soon as practically possible.

“To a large extent the timescale has been dictated by having to work within the prevailing legislative and consultative requirements – it’s not a case that Whitby Harbour Board or Scarborough Borough Council have been dragging their feet.”

Brian Bennett, Scarborough Borough Council’s head of tourism and culture, added: “Members of Whitby Harbour Board and borough councillors in the town have worked with council officers to ensure access to the West Pier arm could be reinstated as soon as possible.

“In terms of a more permanent solution which will be funded by Scarborough Borough Council out of the local authority’s Capital Development Reserve Fund, the clear and decisive action we took from the outset means there should be no delay in reinstating permanent access in due course.”