Teams in search for missing man

A MULTI-AGENCY search took place on Glaisdale Rigg on Wednesday as rescue agencies attempted to locate a missing man.

Scarborough and Ryedale Mountain Rescue Team were called out by North Yorkshire Police at approximately 9.30pm to search for a man who had been working on the Rigg throughout the day but had not returned home.

Ian Hugill, deputy team leader, of the mountain rescue team, said: “He had been working on the moors with a mechanical digger and when he didn’t come home when expected his family contacted the police.

“The weather can change so quickly, it was cloudy and cold, so he could’ve got lost, which would have got him in a lot of danger.

“Up on Glaisdale Rigg there’s only a thin dirt track so the police couldn’t get to where he was.

“They’re not equipped to go up on the moors in adverse conditions so they soon realised their limitations and asked us to come help.”

Also deployed were Cleveland Search and Rescue team, RAF Leeming Mountain Rescue team and a Sea King helicopter from RAF Leconfield.

With so many teams working together, the man was found fit and well, close to his last known position, and he was flown off the moors to be reunited with his family.

Ian added that by contacting the police, his family had done the right thing: “When you expect someone but they don’t show up, what you most often do is ring friends and relatives.

“Most people are reluctant to call the emergency services so there’s usually a delay before we find out.

“The nights are pulling in and he was up on the moors alone, so they did the right thing.”

Founded in 1965, the Scarborough and District Search and Rescue Team receives no public funding, instead raising money through fund-raising, grant applications and sponsorship.

It is manned entirely by trained volunteers, including doctors, paramedics, nurses and expert climbers and hillwalkers, none of whom receive payment or expenses for the help they provide 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.