‘Team Michael’ team up to support their hero

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Cheering on local Team Wiggins cyclist, Michael Thompson, in Danby today was his sister Sarah Thompson and her friends Brooke Clark and Emily Tindall.

We caught up with the girls in Danby, where they happily posed next to a sign Sarah and her mum Ruth had put up the night before.

“It’s a great result - he’s worked so hard and it means a lot to him to be cycling through Danby,” she said of brother Mike Thompson.

Both grew up on a farm near Moorsholm and spent their childhood in and around Danby.

“The whole family is excited. My mum and dad are in the middle of lambing and we only found out a few days ago that he’d made the team.

“Hopefully he enjoys it.”

Mike is in good company as he trains with his friend Ian and some of the members of the GB team who will be competing in next year’s Olympic games in Rio.

Sarah explained how Mike doesn’t often get back from Manchester as he’s busy training.

Once his Ruth found out, she rallied her friends and got busy decorating the village.

Opposite the Duke of Wellington in Danby is a very fine example of her handiwork.

A large banner saying saying “Up, up, up go Team Wiggins! Mike T + Ian P”, and underneath that some very fine sculptures of cyclists.