Taking the lead on Tate Hill’s dogs

Tate Hill beach ''w132502a
Tate Hill beach ''w132502a

Dog control orders on Tate Hill beach are set to be brought in line with other parts of the borough.

At the moment dogs are allowed on the small stretch of sand on the east side of the old town all year round on and off leads.

This is unlike sections of the West Cliff and Sandsend beaches where dogs are to be kept on leads and are not allowed on the sand between May and the end of September.

However, town councillors have voted in favour of tightening up the regulations as part of a bid to prevent dog fouling.

Although at the last town council meeting members agreed rules should be changed to stipulate dogs should be kept on leads while on Tate Hill beach it was felt it wouldn’t necessarily prevent fouling.

Cllr John Freeman said: “It could be on a 20foot running lead, it can foul on a beach and if the owner walks away, that is the offence, not whether it is on a lead or not.

“How many prosecutions have their been - virtually none. Certain people in the town are known to walk their dogs off a lead and to foul - they are the people that should be hammered.”

Cllr Phil Trumper added: “Tate Hill is used in summer by visitors and locals alike. It is a small beach and there is not much space. If there are dogs running around it does upset kids and affect enjoyment. I suggest they are on a lead between certain months.”