Taking over a home near you – mutant spiders

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As experts predict that giant spiders are likely to invade UK homes this autumn, we asked you to share pictures of any you had spotted.

And following a huge response, it appears the enormous creepy-crawlies are already taking over readers’ homes across Whitby.

The eight-legged visitors have been terrorising residents in the town – with some of this year’s fear-inducing hairy arachnids appearing to be bigger than ever.

Although we can’t publish them all, we’ve rounded up some of the hairiest, scariest, most terrifying bunch of spiders sent in by you.

Posting a picture of one of the hairy monsters on The Whitby Gazette Facebook page, Wilbur Wright said: “Luckily, this was in my garden shed and not in the house.

“He ended my shed tidying day quite suddenly.”

Danielle Kipling said: “It’s making me itch looking at em, I daren’t go to bed.

“I walked down the bank from mum’s yesterday and there were four separate cobwebs going right across the path ... all with those horrid spotty fat spiders sat in the middle of each web.”

Unseasonably high temperatures, as well as greater access to food, means spiders are growing a lot bigger than usual.

And with the temperature set to fall, experts from Sydney University have warned the house spiders will be heading indoors in the coming weeks to find a mate. Both sexes stay in their webs until autumn when males become nomadic and go in search of females.

Arachnophobes are advised to sweep up the spiders and put them in a covered outside space such as a shed.

The vast majority of spider species in the UK are not venomous, but if someone has the misfortune to be bitten by a poisonous species, it is unlikely to lead to anything worse than a rash.