Survey aimed at securing Boulby Mine’s future is completed

A SEISMIC survey off the Whitby coast carried out by Cleveland Potash Limited (CPL) during the past four weeks has now been completed, the firm reported.

The survey, which began on 13 February was aimed at securing the mine’s future and was needed to establish the extent of the minerals present under the North Sea.

It was carried out by the 92-metre long vessel Oceanic Challenger, cruising the coast between Saltburn and Kettleness while taking three-D sonic soundings.

CPL’s external affairs manager Dave McLuckie said: “We would really like to thank the local fishermen who, after a series of meetings to hear what we planned, fully co-operated with the survey.

“It was vital that we get this information in order to underpin the investment already made in our operations.

“It will also ensure the viability of our plans and therefore safeguard the future of jobs at the mine.

“Therefore we were grateful for the support of the fishermen whose livelihoods depend on the seas off the North East coast and I am pleased to say it went off without a hitch.”

The extensive data will now be subjected to a detailed analysis with the findings expected by autumn this year.

That will enable CPL to consider extending the mining operations that currently extend some ten kilometres out under the North Sea.