Surge clean up begins

As Whitby awoke this morning the huge task of cleaning up the damage caused by last night’s storm surge began.

Owners of vehicles on Church Street found their cars would not start and a number of properties were flooded when sand bags could not be found in time.

High tide at Whitby ''w134923c

High tide at Whitby ''w134923c

New Quay Road was heavily hit, with Whitby DAG reporting they had lost their fleet of Motobility scooters due to flood damage.

Other homeowners said they had lost personal possessions to the waters, while the glass doors of The Angel Hotel were shattered when a table burst through them.

The storm also caused severe damage to Whitby’s sea defences, with Victorian railings being washed away.

At the West Cliff Congregational Church on Skinner Street a hub was established where those who had been affected could find shelter and warmth, and the recovery efforts could be co-ordinated.

The town then held its breath to see if the predicted spring tides would return that evening.