Sun shines and crowds flock to Whitby Regatta

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The 175th Whitby Regatta is in full swing as crowds flock to the West Cliff for attractions new and old.

The traditional bonny baby and glamorous granny competitions at Whitby Pavilion kick started the programme for this year with increased numbers of entries in both contests.

Visitors to the pavilion also got a good vantage point for the rowing races that have been underway with the ladies 16-23s off the beach first, followed by girls under 14s.

Already it is looking promising for the rowing schedule which was abandoned last year due to bad weather.

The sunshine, after a worryingly wet day yesterday has played a part in the opening success of the market which is being staged for the first time on Archery Green.

The Fusco family are serving up their famous fish and chips while bands and live music entertain the crowds.

Local food producers from jellies to cheese and coffee have taken up stalls alongside other local crafts people such as jewellers and artists.

This afternoon (Saturday) will see the raft race in the lower harbour and the popular greasy pole competition.