Students put technology skills to the test

Students put their construction skills to the test at the Technology Tournament, run by the combined efforts of the Whitby & District Rotary

Wednesday, 15th March 2017, 7:00 am
Updated Friday, 24th March 2017, 10:04 am
Students at the Rotary clubs' technology fair.

and Endeavour Rotary Clubs of Whitby.

Teams from numerous local schools took part as students from Caedmon College, Eskdale, Fyling Hall, Freeborough

and Stokesley engaged in a project to construct a space capsule launcher from their given kit.

Students at the Rotary clubs' technology fair.

The challenge was to construct the launcher so that the “capsule” ( an air ball ) was launched into the air to a height of at least 3m.

Older students also had to so construct it that it came back down by parachute. All this had to begin with a design portfolio and was carried out against the clock – a demanding task.

As ever, the young engineers responded to the challenge superbly without any help from their teachers. Amid a plethora of inspirational designs and impressive launches a team of judges awarded marks for a range of categories such as planning, team work, design analysis and construction

Winning teams were Eskdale School in the Foundation Class and teams from Fyling Hall in both the Intermediate and Senior Classes.

Students at the Rotary clubs' technology fair.

However, this was not just about winning but also about the experience gained in such a project and the sheer fun of it all.

Trophies were presented to the victors by Wing Commander Darren Whiteley, Commander of RAF Fylingdales who was also one of the judges and all participants received a certificate.

The event was sponsored by Sirius Minerals, The Cleveland Scientific Institute, The Welding Institute ( Teesside Branch), Scarborough Borough Council and BDH Partners of Whitby with extra support given by Macaw Engineering and Dalby Offshore. RAF Fylingdales also staged a display of their activities relating to searching space, which drew much interest from the youngsters.

Chief Tournament organiser, Fred Payne of Whitby Rotary Club said: “This was one of our best Technology Tournaments yet. It was a very instructive and fun day and all the young people should be congratulated for the way in which they responded to the challenge.

Students at the Rotary clubs' technology fair.

“It was superb.”

Students at the Rotary clubs' technology fair.