Steve is all heart after op

Steve Wadsworth with tickets for his charity fundraiser''w122018
Steve Wadsworth with tickets for his charity fundraiser''w122018

THE first time Steve Wadsworth had chest pains he thought it was heartburn, the second time it happened he knew he was having a heart attack – so rather than call an ambulance he drove himself to casualty.

It turned out it was his second heart attack within a month and had he not taken himself to hospital he probably wouldn’t be here today.

He had life-saving surgery at James Cook Hospital and is on four tablets a day for the foreseeable future but says he has been given a new lease of life.

So he is planning a charity night to give something back to the health trust that treated him.

Steve, of St Mary’s Crescent, Whitby, said: “I am not a do-gooder but when you have been in a situation like mine and you see what happens and how the team pulls together and they literally just fix you.”

And that is what they did for Steve, a HGV driver and car valeter, when he developed a blood clot in one of the stents he had had fitted in 2008 to increase blood flow around his body.

Doctors accessed the stent through a vain in his arm and sucked the clot out.

He said: “I was in Tenerife in August last year and was laid around the pool and had what I thought was indigestion. I had a cup of milk and that made it go.

“A few weeks later I came back, had worked two night shifts and felt fine, I was going to work on the third night and the pain started again but it did not go this time and fortunately it didn’t because it was obvious the first time I had had a heart attack.

“These people are doing a fantastic job, they are not being financed by the government and you never know who is going to be next.”

Steve will be performing at the fundraising bash at the Met on Saturday 9 June, from 7pm, along with other local singer James Wales and there will also be a raffle and tombola.