Stef’s work stars in suite of special prints

Stef Mitchell's print work
Stef Mitchell's print work

Staithes artist Stef Mitchell is among those showcasing their work in an exhibition of original prints at Ryedale Folk Museum.

Members of the Printmakers Circle are responding to the theme of artifact, a man-made cultural object.

The show will feature a suite of specially published prints by Printmakers Circle members exploring the theme through a range of relief and intaglio processes including etching, linocut, woodcut, wood engraving, collagraph, monotype, screenprint, drypoint, digital printmaking and photopolymer.

These works will form the spine of the exhibition alongside representative works by each of the 10 exhibiting artists. Individual framed prints from the set will be available to buy, alongside a very limited edition boxed-set of the whole collection.

Printmakers Circle is a group of professional artists living and working in North Yorkshire who specialise in printmaking.

Stef’s practice develops from an ongoing relationship with the landsacpe.

Walks, set aside, eld edges and weather patterns are explored and documented working directly with plants, with the ink, plant and paper having equal say in the process.

Slow growth, chance and subtle nuances of difference all play their part.

This way of working immerses Stef in the landscape. The picking of plants and laying them out on an inked up plate, rolling, squashing, and smelling has a slow rhythm that feeds into a connective thread from the space of the external landscape to the inside space of the studio.

All prints are monoprint, developed with the inking of relief printing, the thinking of screen printing and all pulled together through an etching process. Stef has exhibited prints and paintings nationally and ionternationally.

She was one of 10 UK-based printmakers selected to take part in Connections North: Mirror Images, an international print exhibition, with simultaneous exhibitions in North Yorkshire, Cumbria, Scotland, Finalnd and Sweden in 2015.

She works from her studio in Staithes where, along with her husband Ian, she owns and curates Staithes Studios Gallery.

Other exhibiting members at the Ryedale Folk Museum are Hester Cox, Andy Dalton, Heather Foster, Pam Grimmond, John Jones, Caroline Machray, Ian Scott Massie, Moira McTague and Helen Peyton.

Admission to the art gallery is free of charge. It is open October to December 4, 10am to 4pm.