St Hilda’s RC School: Exciting times for youngsters!

Feeding the lambs with Isaac and Scarlett.
Feeding the lambs with Isaac and Scarlett.

The pupils and staff of St Hilda’s RC School, Whitby, have been enjoying some interesting and fun visits during this school year.

Earlier in the year, the Foundation and Key stage one pupils visited the RNLI station in the town where they saw a film about sea rescues. Oliver was delighted to have the chance to try on the jackets and helmets which the lifeboat people wear during their rescues.

St Hilda's RC School class one at the lifeboat shed.

St Hilda's RC School class one at the lifeboat shed.

He also saw the big crane which lifts the lifeboat from its shed onto the sea. A particular highlight for the group was when the lifeboat was launched.

“It was a bit worrying, though” says Ruben.

“The children enjoyed their walk alongside the harbour where they saw a variety of fishing and leisure craft and, of course, the odd lobster pot.”

Foundation and Key Stage one children’s recent project, called Land Ahoy led to a visit to the Captain Cook Memorial Museum in Grape Lane.

Jacob, Scarlett and Jack handling the water scoop.

Jacob, Scarlett and Jack handling the water scoop.

There, the group was guided round the museum and learnt about local seafarer James Cook’s life and about the voyages of discovery he undertook in the 18th Century.

A highlight of the visit was handling examples of the kind of objects which the sailors would have brought back with them – boomerangs, weapons and food.

Also included was this water scoop – a necessary object to have when sailing the rough seas at that time.

One object of interest was the square, wooden plates with the raised edges to stop the gravy spilling.

Ever thought where the saying ‘three square meals a day’ comes from?

Well, now you know.

The Cat-o- nine tails proved to be a favourite artefact to learn about.

The children were glad that such objects of punishment are not still in use in school today.

A different kind of visitor turned up last week – sheep.

One of the staff members brought along her “family” of lambs – Florence and Monty.

It was an opportunity for the children to wonder and learn first-hand about, and care for, other forms of life.

“They were very adorable” says Gabby in year six. Bobby said he thought the lambs were very alert as to what was happening in the school.

The pupils learnt that, at two weeks old, the lambs are fed milk around four ti five times each day and some lucky students, including Lana, were able to have a go at feeding the lambs using bottles, which Lana really enjoyed.

Other pupils stroked the lambs and Isaac declared that it felt a bit like stroking a teddy bear.

The staff and pupils of the school are looking forward to many more visits in the coming months including a trip to Danby Moors Centre and a Hit the Surf session for the older pupils with the RNLI.

Just before the summer holiday break, the whole school will be joining with the townsfolk to welcome two tall ships into Whitby as part of the Captain Cook Festival in July.

Exciting times ahead!