Sound of music not so good

Whitby Town Council is appealing for by-laws to be enforced after getting increasing amounts of complaints about buskers.

At a recent meeting Cllr John Freeman, who also runs an artist studio in the busy Market Square said the playing of amplified music was also causing a problem.

He said: “What action can be taken for flouting by-laws? For buskers there is a situation where anybody can ask them to move on after 20 minutes but for amplified music there is a by-law.

“I really think there should be something done. We are sick and tired of it.”

The hotspots for buskers and music are Sandgate, Bridge Street, the market square, old Church Street and near HSBC.

Sgt Rachael Wood from Whitby Police said buskers are issued with a conduct guide.

She added: “By-laws are enforced by the borough council. They are their laws, not ours but that does not mean we won’t support it if it is affecting quality of life.

It was resolved to contact the borough council.