Snow set to stay for weekend

A car ended up in a ditch on the road to Danby''w130307''Picture: Ceri Oakes
A car ended up in a ditch on the road to Danby''w130307''Picture: Ceri Oakes
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WHITBY was left white over this week as snow hit the area with plenty more forecast for the next few days.

Snow fell from lunchtime on Monday, even settling on the beach, and continued well into the evening.

Further flurries came on Tuesday and freezing temperatures overnight, sometimes being reported as low as minus 16 degrees, meant pavements and roads have iced over.

Despite gritters being out over the last week there have been a number of car smashes and bumps due to the weather and on untreated roads.

Whitby police said there had been an increase in the number of reported accidents but not as many as the last severe snowfall in the area in November 2010.

But, as this picture shows, one car came off the road near Castleton on Tuesday and on Wednesday there was a single vehicle crash near Scaling Dam when a car overturned due to low sun and road conditions.

A spokesperson for North Yorkshire County Council (NYCC) said it was “business as usual” and they would be keeping an eye on the weather forecast for the weekend.

According to the weather forecast, today is set to start off dry and sunny but snow is likely in the east and will become widespread. There will also be a bitter cold south-easterly wind. More snow is set for Saturday and while the wind will ease on Sunday it is predicted to return on Monday when more snow is possible.