Skippers lead tributes to potter ‘Frammy’

David Frampton's father owned the Golden Hope
David Frampton's father owned the Golden Hope

Fishermen in Whitby have been saying farewell to one of the port’s “biggest grafters”.

David Frampton passed away last week in Scarborough Hospital aged 62, following a short illness.

David Frampton

David Frampton

Mr Frampton had recently retired to Hunmanby, near Filey, but he will be fondly remembered in Whitby.

The son of Ronald Frampton, David had been a fisherman from his earliest years on board his father’s ship, the Golden Hope.

John Hall, former owner of the trawler Abbie Lee, recalled going to see on board the potter, which was nicknamed the ‘Little Blue Duck’.

David was aged around five at the time, while John would have been 10, and he said: “When his father first got the Golden Hope my father was on the boat. I can remember going to sea on her when she was brand spanking new. David and I were on top, looking ahead for herring, and when you saw them swimming in front of you it used to be like cream on the water.”

Defiant, which sank at Sandsend

Defiant, which sank at Sandsend

David grew up to be a potter, while Mr Hall became a trawlerman, and this occasionally led to disputes between the different fishermen.

“He could be a pest at times but David was David,” said John. “Like all the lads in Whitby, we had our ups and downs. He was a potter, we were trawlermen, but he was well-liked.”

Howard Locker, owner of Whitby Rose, also joined Ronald and David on board the Golden Hope. He spent two years crab potting with the Framptons and he said: “Those were good days. It was a pleasure to go to work back then.”

Howard and David had grown up together and he recalled their father’s building crab pots at home on an evening.

David, who was nicknamed Popeye due to his large arms, had diabetes, which led to his leg being amputated a few years ago.

“Normally that would have finished anyone going to sea, but not David,” said Howard. “We called him Peg Leg and all sorts, but you couldn’t knock him. Talk about being a grafter.”

David was the skipper of Defiant when the vessel ran aground at Sandsend in 2010.

He then went on to skipper Pamela S for a period, and Howard said: “He’s had a few knocks and scrapes. But he was a good fisherman and he certainly knew his stuff about potting.”

David’s reputation as a hard worker was well known around Whitby and John added: “He loved it and he never did nothing else really. He was brought up to love it. Hard times or good times, he was there.”