Six Fishing School students pass exams with flying colours

Six young men from Whitby Fishing School have passed their exams with flying colours.

Wednesday, 28th March 2018, 2:00 pm
The six young men who passed their exams at Whitby Fishing School with flying colours.

They will now join local fishing boats along the north east coast to develop their practical skills as competent commercial fishermen.

These young men are now knuckling down and learning the practical phase of their Level 2 Diploma course in Maritime Studies – Sea Fishing pathway.

The Diploma course in Sea Fishing allows students from all walks of life to embark on a career at sea in the UK fishing industry.

Andrew Hodgson, Business Development Manager at Whitby Fishing School said: “We are very delighted that these students have successfully completed the first phase of their training programme.

“The fishing industry is hugely important to the North East coast, so it’s crucial that we provide highly trained and capable young people to the fishing industry”.

This course is made up of a mixture of both academic and practical hands-on learning.

Each student is allocated a fishing vessel and while onboard, they build up a wealth of practical skills by utilising all the theory they have learnt from the classroom phase. The vessel’s skipper then records their progress in their training record book as they become more proficient.

Whitby Fishing School is very appreciative to all the local skippers for offering placements onboard their fishing vessels. This demonstrates a commitment from the skippers by passing on their skills and knowledge to the next generation of fishermen. Additionally, retired skippers also teach students the methods with making knots and splicing rope as well as techniques on how to create and repair trawl nets and lobster pots.

The Fishing School believe this is a very effective way of teaching its students prior to working off shore on the North Sea.

One of the students explained that he decided to enrol on the Diploma course because he thought it would be a great way of getting into the fishing industry and gaining some recognised qualifications. He went onto say he had already completed the basic mandatory Sea Fish Industry Authority courses and now he looks forward to gaining some practical experience onboard a fishing boat.

After completing the 12 month Diploma course, the students will qualify as competent deck-hands.

Throughout their course these students will gain valuable Maritime Coastguard Agency and Sea Fish Industry Authority approved safety

certificates, as well as building up a seagoing logbook of over one thousand hours.

If you are interested in pursuing a career at sea, contact Whitby Fishing School on (01947) 825871 to discuss your career prospects.