Sirius Minerals completes purchase of harbour facility

The company behind the construction of a £2.2bn mine near Whitby has completed the purchase of land in Redcar to house its water distribution network.

Monday, 11th December 2017, 1:42 pm
Updated Monday, 11th December 2017, 4:07 pm
The site in Redcar.

The Bran Sands site on Teesside that lies adjacent to the former Redcar steelworks site will be home to its harbour facilities and a conveyor system as part of its Woodsmith mine development to extract polyhalite, a multi-nutrient fertilizer.

The mine, described by a government minister in February this year as a “project of national importance,” is currently under construction near Whitby. The whole operation will create over 2,500 jobs and £2.5bn of annual exports at full production.

Sirius’ project involves the construction of two deep mineshafts to access the mineral deposit, connected to a 23 mile tunnel to transport the polyhalite via conveyor belt to Wilton, where it will be processed in a new plant. The finished ‘POLY4’ product will then be transported to a new harbour built at Bran Sands for shipping around the world.

The site in Redcar.

Construction at the Woodsmith Mine site is currently underway, with building activity in Teesside due to commence in 2019 and first production of polyhalite due by 2021.

“The acquisition of Bran Sands represents another important step forward in the ongoing development of our project,” said Chris Fraser, CEO of Sirius Minerals. “Having exclusive access to our own deep water port is a huge part of the proposition for our project, giving us access to a global distribution network.”

The site in Redcar.