Short film shot near Goathland to air on TV

A still from the short film.
A still from the short film.

A short film shot on the moors near Goathland is set to air on Channel 4 this summer.

The production, produced and directed by Pippa Young, 23, from Ebberston, tells the story of two figures wandering the desolate Yorkshire Moors building colourful worlds around themselves.

Director Pippa Young.

Director Pippa Young.

The film is part of a series of short films called “Random Acts” and will air around mid August.

Speaking about why she chose the Moors around Goathland as the location for filming, Pippa said: “I can’t think of a more ideal natural landscape for filming. It’s such an ancient beauty, then it contrasts absurdly with the plastic balloons.

“The moors is my favourite place, it was a gorgeous place to film because it was just turning purple.”

After the television screening the film can be found on the Random Acts website.

It will also tour galleries and cinemas around the country (including York) along with other films that were commissioned by various creative institutions around England as part of a programme called Playback.

The short film sees two characters build worlds around themselves with balloons before they have a big battle with the balloons.

Pippa’s film was chosen after she applied to Stop Play Record in London, which supports and funds the production of short films by young people as part of a wider initiative happening across England. All 200 short films made across England are currently touring in Playback exhibition. Young people interested in creative opportunities can find out more at

16 to 24 year-olds are given training and production support to make their own short films in a joint initiative by Arts Council England and Channel 4 to develop young people’s talent and provide them with entry points to the arts and creative industries.

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