She-Shedders get to work as group opens in central Whitby

She-Shedders in the Eskmouth Scout Hut.
She-Shedders in the Eskmouth Scout Hut.

Whitby Women’s Shed, or She-Shed, has opened in central Whitby.

The shed, based in the Eskmouth Scout Hall, has attracted interest from around 20 women (She-Shedders).

Sleights Area Men’s Shed has helped nearly 30 men in the past 18 months and the enthusiasm from the women has confirmed the notion that sheds are for women as well as men.

The gatherings provide a combination of sharing, caring, doing and banter that makes for a family friendly atmosphere.

A spokesman said: “The strapline for the website is creative distraction.

“When women (or men) are a little bit in the dumps, doing something among others who similarly feel at a loss is very therapeutic for all.

“We appreciate the support we are getting from Asda/Royal Voluntary Society and Two Ridings Community Foundation as pump priming funders and encouragement from several other agencies.”