Seagull complaints soar to new heights

Seagull complaints have soared in the past year
Seagull complaints have soared in the past year

Seagulls have left dozens of people spitting feathers - with complaints against the divebombing birds soaring.

Last year, 31 people complained to the borough council about the birds, almost three times as many as in the previous 12 months.

Figures obtained under the Freedom of Information Act show that gull complaints have increased over the past three years.

And the local authority admits that the number of complaints against the gulls could be even higher.

“We do receive a significant number of complaints that cannot be directly attributed to gulls such as split refuse sacks,” said the authority’s Steve Reynolds, who added that the majority of gull gripes come from the owners of properties on which the birds are nesting.

“In each case we give advice, and measures that can be taken.

“There are numerous complaints in relation to litter and split bags which could be attributable to gulls but we just don’t know.”

Those 31 complaints came during 2013/2014, the same period seafront traders claimed was the worst to date for the birds.

It sparked calls for the authority to take action for the first time in years against the beaked bandits.

A gull task force was formed to try to find a legal solution to end the herring-gull headache.

And Scarborough’s Town Hall hosted a “seagull conference”, with experts laying out ways to try to send the birds flapping back from the mainland – including lacing fish and chips with juice to put them off tucking into the seaside staple.