Seafood Social menu aims for ‘completely different taste’

The Seafood Social, Scarborough. Picture: Ceri Oakes
The Seafood Social, Scarborough. Picture: Ceri Oakes

A new social enterprise launched by Whitby Seafoods to help people affected by long-term unemployment, homelessness and addiction, is now open.

Tom Blair, Whitby Seafoods’ marketing director, spoke to the Gazette about why it was so important to get the menu right for the company’s new Seafood Social enterprise, which is based in Scarborough.

“There are loads of amazing fish and chip shops,” he said, “so we needed to think differently in order to stand out and give people a reason to head to The Seafood Social.

“At Whitby Seafoods, we’ve always been about new ways to enjoy seafood and we are constantly looking at fresh ideas to create mouth-watering seafood dishes.”

The Seafood Social Café will be premiering its Glorious Grains Scampi – the latest product in their scampi range.

Director Laura Whittle is excited that this will give customers a completely different experience. Also on the menu are posh fish finger sandwiches, crispy fish tacos and cod goujon wraps. Getting the look of The Seafood Social just right was really important to the company.

“At the heart of all of our branding is a warm, energetic and passionate family business. As such, we are fortunate to have the freedom to make decisions with heart; not everything we do is totally commercially driven.

“This isn’t just a marketing ploy but is a genuine passion for business that positively improves the lives of the those in the community.

“Some brands simply cannot do this given their size and ownership structures, meaning other priorities will take precedent,” said Tom.

Everyone has an option to give something back by donating the price of a coffee or meal. This goes to The Rainbow Centre where someone who needs it most will get a hot drink and something to eat. The staff who will be serving up this new menu have all been affected by either long-term unemployment or issues around addiction.

“I’m absolutely chuffed to be involved in something where everyone wins,” he said. “The brand gets great visibility; we are supporting good people in getting back into work and our customers get awesome seafood too.” 

The Seafood Social, at Scarborough’s Market Hall, is open now. Call 07377 767342 to find out more.