Sandsend residents in flood fears

Flooding at East Row, Sandsend
Flooding at East Row, Sandsend
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SANDSEND residents fear their homes will be prone to flooding once a housing development has been completed.

A developer is building a row of 10 terraced properties in front of houses on East Row and local residents say the drainage infrastructure can’t cope with the extra demand.

Water pressure from persistent rainfall had run into the drains, causing a manhole cover to blow off and water to gush down the street.

But residents believe had the manhole cover not come off the water would have backed up through the drain network into their properties.

In the aftermath of this weekend’s weather they have written to the planning department at Scarborough Borough Council highlighting their concerns and how much worse the situation might be when the new houses are finished.

They said: “Had it not been for the fact that the pressure of water blew off a man-hole cover before the drain went under the development acting as a pressure relief valve acting as a pressure relief valve, the culvert/land drains would have almost certainly over-flowed, flooding our properties.

“In the event of our properties being flooded which without doubt is going to happen, who is to hold to blame?”