Samantha shines at Miss Regatta judging

w142916a Samantha Dixon Miss Regatta
w142916a Samantha Dixon Miss Regatta
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When this year’s golden girl found out she had been picked to be Miss Regatta the first thing she did was burst into a fit of giggles and the second thing she did was wonder what on earth she was going to wear.

Hairdresser Samantha Dixon, 25, told the Gazette “she couldn’t believe it” after being told she was being crowned Miss Regatta following an interview by a panel of judges last week.

There were seven local girls in the running this year and the panel said it was a hard task to pick just one as they would have all made a good Miss Regatta.

Samantha had to tell the judges - made up of Miss Regatta co-ordinator Sally Landers, Whitby Gazette editor Ed Asquith, Bill Miller of the Regatta committee and last year’s Miss Regatta Abbey Hall - what the Regatta weekend meant to her and why she thought she would fit the bill.

She said: “When I was younger my mum entered me a couple of times and I always said I would love to be Miss Regatta and it is nice to be able to say that now I am.

“Sally rang me an hour after the interviews and to be honest I was a bit shell shocked. I was with my boyfriend and started giggling because I didn’t really believe her but after that I thought ‘how exciting’? I am going to have to ring around a few people and ask them what to wear.”

Samantha, of Mount Pleasant, Eskdale Park is looking forward to attending the bonny baby and glamorous granny competitions as well as the rowing events but says her favourite part of Regatta has always been the Monday.

The former Eskdale and Community College student added: “I love Regatta. We have always gone down from 8am on the Monday and stayed down there until after the fireworks. I love the parade and have entered during the last few years dressing up and like to have a go on the rides.

“I can’t wait for the weekend. It is going to be jam packed and all looks good.”

In her spare time, Samantha enjoys running with her mum and sister, spending time with her boyfriend Mike Wright and looking after her baby cousin.