Salon celebrations

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Contemporary Hair Salon in Whitby celebrated their own awards season in style by claiming four prizes at the franchise’s annual awards dinner.

The salon claimed ‘salon image of the year’ and ‘PR salon of the year’ as well as individual awards for ‘style director of the year’ Laura Shackleton and ‘part-time stylist of the year’ Kelly Mason.

Mrs Mason said: “It was fantastic because we were all nervous, but we tried really hard last year.

“We got ‘salon image of the year’ and we were happy with one and they just kept calling our name which was fantastic.

The ceremony saw the Whitby team defeat competition from Contemporary salons across the north east, but it was the ‘PR salon of the year’ award that they were especially proud to receive.

Kelly added: “We have been doing a lot about a little girl we know who has a brain tumour, so what we did was sponsor them for a year and all our charity work was donated to them.

“We went above and beyond what a salon should do, so that was a big deal.”