Ruswarp church '˜not up for discussion' at consultation

Re: your piece '˜Ruswarp Church set to close' (Gazette, October 19).

Thursday, 25th October 2018, 4:00 pm

The piece clearly states the church will close “...following a consultation earlier in the month”.

May I, as one who attended the meeting in question, respectfully set the story straight.

The meeting opened with introductions and prayers.

This was followed by a 20-minute talk on St Francis of Assisi, perhaps of interest, but of absolutely no relevance to the matter under “consultation”, ie the closure of Ruswarp Church.

The meeting was then informed by the representatives of the archdeacon’s working party that: The closure of the church was not up for discussion.

There then followed something of a diatribe on the failings of the village and its community, at which point myself and others left the meeting.

I really expected more from the professed upholders of Christian principles and the safeguarding of public morality.

I can only wonder at the reasoning behind inviting concerned villagers to a “consultation”, where we expected to be able to put forward suggestions and ideas for keeping the church open, when this was clearly a charade.

Derek J Lee

High Street