Runswick Bay’s £1.5m coast protection scheme lands top award

Runswick Bay Scene setter.
Runswick Bay Scene setter.

A major coast protection scheme at Runswick Bay has won a top award.

The £1.5 m coast protection project at the popular seaside village has been designed to provide 100 years of protection from the sea for 96 properties as well as reduce wave over-topping and help mitigate climate change.

Now the scheme, which was led by Scarborough Council and funded by Defra, has won the prestigious Green Apple Award for environmental best practice, building and construction.

The honour focuses on the creation of rock pools within the rock armour construction and the use of seed rocks.

The award scheme is run by Green Earth Appeal which helps the environment and wildlife, and also creates job opportunities.

Project officer, Robin Siddle said: “This good news follows the success of the National Park Award for the best landscaping project.”

The work was aided by the Runswick Bay Sea Defence Trust , a group of home owners and local residents who have contributed to the funding of the scheme to help secure their community.

A new concrete protection has been built in front of the existing sea wall, said Mr Siddle, with new access steps, and repairs to the sandstone masonry walls and the installation of 10,000 tonnes of rock armour.

As a result, 150 rock rock pools have been created to create habitats for sea life.

The scheme was carried out by ESH Construction and supervised by Royal Haskoning.