Rugby club hopes to spark memories

regatta mondays firework display
regatta mondays firework display

The first organised bonfire and fireworks display in Whitby for years is all fired up and ready to go.

Whitby Rugby Club is staging the community bonfire on November 5 for the first time in 18 years and is hoping to make it as popular again as it was in years gone by.

Local businesses and supporters have also got involved to help organiser Pete Stentiford make the event a success.

Pallets for the fire are coming from Yorwaste and the fireworks are by Frontier - the same firm that puts on the Regatta finale display.

The Co-op has given a donation and Sainsbury’s will be putting on a shuttle bus between the east side of town and the rugby club.

He said: “People were saying nothing gets organised and you have to travel to Lythe, Scarborough and Skinningrove to see a decent display so I decided to do it.

“I came to the rugby club in 1998 and only saw two. Health and safety really kicked in, the rugby club funded it and it became too expensive.

“I have had help - the police and the fire brigade have been excellent. Yorkshire Coast Homes came on board straight away and then it snowballed into the event it is going to be.”

Entry to the display is with a wristband only and the field will be patrolled by security.

Food and drink will be on sale within the rugby club and there is registered first aid and lost child points.

Collection buckets will be making their way around and any profits will be put towards next year’s event.

Mr Stentiford added: “We want to keep it safe and simple and build it up over the years , so it is up to the community to support the event.”

The gates open at 6.30pm and wristbands are available from Agars or the clubhouse.