RSPCA branch reaches crisis point

THE RSPCA branch which covers Whitby has warned it has reached crisis point and is unable to take in anymore unwanted and abandoned pet.

The Scarborough and District branch of the RSPCA has admitted it can’t take in any more animals and is now having to turn away cats and dogs due to unprecedented low levels of adoptions and with people still facing tough economic times the situation isn’t likely to improve soon.

In a statement, the charity said that the kennel space it uses to house the animals was overflowing.

The charity added: “Although we recently added eight cat pens to our capacity, the cattery is full and we are now paying for additional kennels to accommodate the extra dogs that we have taken in.

“We do our utmost to bring in the animals that are in danger, ill or left behind when their owner passes away but we simply cannot bring in all the cats and dogs that we are asked to which invariably upsets people.”

The charity is understood to currently have around 50 pets that need rehousing.

According to RSPCA treasurer Sheila Owen, various factors are to blame.

“There are some quite serious reasons for the number of people coming forward to drop their pets off.

“It could be financial reasons, and of course it’s Easter, and everybody is thinking about getting a bit of sunshine.

“I also don’t think a lot of people understand how we are set up.

“But whatever the main reason is, this is putting a great strain on our volunteers, as nobody wants to have to say no.

“But our biggest rule is that we don’t lie. We have to say that there’s no space now and there’s no space in the foreseeable future.

“It’s just heartbreaking.”

If you can help call (01723) 371935.