Rotarians help to buy dinghy for Sailibility scheme

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A SPECIALISED access dinghy for Sailability at Scaling Dam Sailing Club has been purchased thanks to funds raised by Rotary Clubs from around the area.

Celebrating this achievement, Ray Burman, the President of Rotary International for all of Britain and Ireland, visited Scaling Dam to meet with some of the many volunteers from both the sailing club and the local Rotary groups that support this sailing opportunity for those with disabilities.

Ray shared his personal experience of the successful partnership of Rotary and Sailability activities across the globe and wished Scaling Dam Sailing Club continuing success.

John Tate and Simon Jackson from Scaling Dam Sailability were invited to speak at a formal reception for the president that evening.

Their message of thanks, success and ambition were reinforced by those of Malcolm Douglas, a Saltburn Rotarian and regular Sailability volunteer, expressing his personal rewards from hands on support.

Four local Rotary Clubs, represented by David Sadler, were jointly recognised with an award for their success in working in partnership to make this gift possible.