Roll out the red carpet ... here are Whitby drama group's awards for best actors

Whitby Pavilion became the backdrop to the latest event for Colebrooke Media, with the red carpet rolled out for a stunning '˜Oscar'-like awards ceremony for pupils of the school.

Wednesday, 28th November 2018, 3:23 pm
Updated Wednesday, 28th November 2018, 3:25 pm
The Monarchy won best performance.

The students were able to watch clips of themselves projected onto the screens of The Northern Lights Suite, in categories such as Best Young Performer, Best Dramatic Performance and Scene of the Year.

Prior to the awards nights, the principals Chris and Chanelle Colebrooke had set up an online voting system, to give pupils a chance to vote for their favourite moments.

Special Achievement Award winner Thomas Newton with the prinicipals Chris and Chanelle Colebrooke.

“I think it was important we opened up the voting to them and their parents this time,” said Chris.

“They should be included in all aspects – it’s a little boring if we just pick every winner ourselves.”

As well as the voted awards, there were three awards chosen by the principals including the huge The Colebrooke Award, which was awarded to Elise Leadley with a moving video showing how the little star has progressed.

During the summer, the children also took part in their first examination session with the NEA of Speech and Drama, London; these were also awards at the evening and present by chief executive officer of the NATD, Kevin Page.

Alyyah Parkin, with principal Chris Colebrooke.

“Amongst the results were many distinctions and for our first exam session, we are so proud of that” added Chanelle.

Alyyah Parkin, who based her Monologue on ‘11’ from Stranger Things, emotionally moved the London examiner and was also awarded a distinction.

2018 Awards

Best Fitting Role: Darcey Boushall as Annie; Best Solo Performance: Imogen Peagam with Part of Your World; Villain of the Year: Neve Eddon as Miss Hannigan; Best Dramatic Performance: The Monarchy with The Crash in the Tunnel; Best Comedy Performance: Alyyah Parkin and Rosie Young as Jonah and Jayden; Effort of the Year: Freya Jackson; Best Young Performer: James Young and Phoebe Jackson; Performance of a Real Person: Rosie Young as The Queen; Standing Ovation Award: Lucas Peagam.

Special Achievement Award: Thomas Newton; Best Onstage Partnership: Ava Gildroy and Mya Kirk in The Parent Trap; Best Song: Neve Bellew with I Won’t Say I’m in Love; Best Supporting Role: Liam Hutchinson as The Bookman; Best Dance: LOW; Best Costume: The Addams Family; Most Varied Performer: Romi Page; Actor of the Year: Travis Leadley; Above and Beyond: Olivia Mohan Thomas; Scene of the Year: So Long Farewell; The Colebrooke Award: Elise Leadley; Best Camp Colebrooke: Annie.