Riders warning to drivers

HORSE riders fear serious accidents this spring unless drivers take great care when passing them on roads.

Sue Arnold for Danby District Bridleways Group said: “Due to the long spell of bad weather riders have not been able to get out and some horses will be extremely nervous at seeing traffic after such a long spell of confinement.

“We are therefore appealing to drivers to be extra vigilant when approaching and passing horses and pass wide and slowly.

“On some of the narrower country lanes it is impossible for drivers to pass safely so riders will find a safe place for the motorist to pass as quickly as possible.

“We know that this can be frustrating for some drivers but horses are unpredictable at times and can be easily spooked which could result in an accident.

“We would be grateful if motorists could take heed of hand signals given by the rider, especially a signal which indicates that the rider wants the motorist to stop, as this usually indicates there’s a problem. 

“We’d like to thank drivers for their patience over the coming weeks.”