Residents to continue Eskdale campaign

RESIDENTS are considering their options after their bid to prevent a housing development in Whitby was thwarted by council planners.

It was agreed at a planning meeting last Thursday that 179 new homes will be built on 15 acres at Eskdale Park despite objections from local residents, Whitby Town Council (WTC) and some of the town’s borough councillors.

While they can’t appeal against the decision thay can highlight what they believe may have been procedural errors.

The applicants Barratt and David Wilson Homes say they are going to put cables to the new properties underground yet residents say they have repeatedly contacted NEDL and C E Electric on the issue and both firms deny knowledge of it.

Any future action will also be centred around the fact the development is not in the local development framework (which is set out by Scarborough Borough Council), there was no biodiversity report and the Environment Agency and Yorkshire Water had asked for extra conditions to be attached to any planning permission granted.

Richard Lane of Larpool Drive was one of a group of neighbours who hand delivered over 400 flyers to locals trying to drum up support for their objections.

He said: “We have to wait for all the minutes from the meeting to come back before we can start because it was like kangaroo court.

“It was awful, it had to be witnessed to be believed. There were only two councillors of all those present who asked any kind of pertinent questions to do with the scheme.

“Some of them went on and on about where do they put push bikes and whether they could build sheds in their gardens.

“It was a whitewash, people were walking out before the end because it was a foregone conclusion.”

At the meeting Coun Sandra Turner, resident Brian Law and Coun Amanda Smith (WTC) all spoke against the development.

Coun Smith said Whitby Town Council believe the development is not sustainable because the sewerage network and the roads infrastructure are not sufficient to cope with the size of the development.

She added: “Whitby Town Council believes that this site is being over-developed, it will provide 125 non-affordable homes which Whitby does not currently require all at the expense of the quality of life of both its current and future residents.”

Coun Dorothy Clegg who represents the Streonshalh ward voted in favour of the planning application.