Remedial roadworks planned for Mayfield Road junction

The roadworks that brought Whitby to a standstill for months are returning yet again to Mayfield Road junction.

Thursday, 3rd November 2016, 1:10 pm
Updated Wednesday, 16th November 2016, 2:53 pm
The scenes earlier this year when initial work was carried out

The shock announcement is set to cause further disruption to residents and visitors of Whitby.

It will be the second round of red lights at the junction, which drew widespread fury on an unprecedented scale earlier this year.

Remedial work is now scheduled to be undertaken at various locations within Mayfield Road junction during the coming weeks, but no work will be carried out before or during Goth weekend.

A spokesman for North Yorkshire County Council (NYCC) said: “It is standard practice following completion of a major highways project for there to be a 12 month maintenance period to enable contractors to pick up any faults or snags.

“Contractors are obliged to make necessary changes before the finished works become the responsibility of the County Council to maintain.

“This week the contractor began remedial work to correct the junction’s street lighting, but unfortunately these works had not been properly notified to the County Council and therefore had not been coordinated with planned works by Yorkshire Water to repair a section of road surface on Downdinner Hill nearby.

“The County Council has ensured that the contractor will now undertake the street lighting works at a later date.”

The initial decision to carry out work at the junction came about after the company behind the Whitby potash mine, Sirius Minerals, worked with NYCC to improve Whitby’s transport infrastructure.

The Mayfield Road junction carries the arterial routes from Scarborough and Teesside in and out of the town.

The junction upgrade was carried out to improve traffic flow as well as increasing pedestrian safety close to the town’s multi-site secondary school.

In the build up to the summer season this year, the initial round of works caused months of unprecedented disruption to Whitby with thousands of people and businesses disrupted, as normally short journeys were lengthened to an hour.