Rejuvenation of clock 

Pannett Park's floral clock jubilee design in full bloom''w123004b
Pannett Park's floral clock jubilee design in full bloom''w123004b
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THE QUEEN isn’t the only one marking a special anniversary this year as the floral clock in Pannett Park is also preparing for a jubilee event.

Next year will see the 60th anniversary of the floral clock which was installed in 1953 to commemmorate the coronation of Queen Elizabeth.

How the floral clock looked in 1953

How the floral clock looked in 1953

Over the years it has been planted in various designs and even left to go to rack and ruin but over the last year it has been well and truly reinstated to its former glory.

Gardeners from Scarborough Borough Council and volunteers from the Friends of Pannett Park have recreated the beautiful crown design and started planning the floral tribute last year.

Using marigolds, begonias and petunias the gardeners have designed a crown around the clock face as well as incorporating the words Pannett Park Whitby and the dates 1952 and 2012.

Initially Chris Roe from Scarborough Borough Council’s parks and gardens department had reservations about recreating the orginal design but is thrilled with the results.

He told the Gazette: “We were planning it last year and looked at just doing the middle section as a crown – I went away and thought about it and thought let’s convert the whole lot into a crown.

“But then I thought would Whitby accept it because we are touching something that is quite sacred but I am glad that we did.

“When we took the Yorkshire In Bloom judges around they said Pannett park is the jewel in the crown and this is the jewel in the park. With the weather we have had this year to get to that standard we have done really well.”

Amazingly it only took the park volunteers a day to plant up the design which is now at its blooming best and in a twist of fate the current park keeper, Keith Wright is following in his father’s footsteps as Peter Wright was one of the gardeners who worked on the original floral clock.

Unfortunately time eventually forgot about the original floral clock for some years.

After its installation in 1953 the feature was a particular attraction in Pannett Park and each year a different theme was chosen and planted up with a number of logos and pictures.

But by 1979 the floral clock had fallen into a state of disrepair, the hands were removed and the area reverted back to a normal flowerbed for the next 27 years.

But in 2006 the Friends of Pannett Park secured grants and sponsorship to reinstate the clock.