Regatta hailed a success by organisers

Whitby Regatta boat race. Picture Kathryn Bulmer
Whitby Regatta boat race. Picture Kathryn Bulmer

This year’s Whitby Regatta has been hailed a success by organisers who the event “went perfectly”.

It is thought that the event will have even made money this year and that three days of good weather will have boosted the coffers.

Ivor Greer, chairman of the Regatta committee, told the Gazette everybody had seemed to enjoy this year’s Regatta which started on Friday night with the Carnival Noir opening show at Whitby Pavilion and finished with the fireworks display on Monday night.

He paid tribute to the team of volunteers and marshalls, many of whom were on board for the first time, who worked with him to help all the attractions and events go ahead.

Mr Greer said: “The volunteers and marshalls worked very hard so I must say a special thanks to all of them and all the businesses that chipped in and did their bit and loaned us equipment.”

“Everything went perfectly, there were no major problems and everybody was happy, there were lots of smiling faces.”

He said it had been a successful event overall and is set to have made a profit this year, which will have been helped by weather attracting people to the event throughout the weekend and also because the Regatta had not had to pay for the Red Arrows.

The air display team were unable to fit Whitby into its schedule this year as it celebrates 50 years in the sky but the Regatta committee says it hopes to secure the crowd favourite for 2016.

Mr Greer added: “We are fairly sure we are in the position that we will have made money this year. We have not had to pay for the Red Arrows but they were certainly missed and we hope we can get them next year.”

His personal highlights, he said, were the fireworks display and Monday’s rowing races.

He said: “The fireworks was a spectacular display - that was the best part for me.

“But the rowing was excellent this year. They got the whole programme in even though the Friday rowing was cancelled because of the weather but they got them in on the Sunday.

“The Monday racing was very exciting to watch from the West Cliff.”

A Regatta debrief meeting will be held over the next couple of weeks to discuss the new events such as the foodmarket and to address any feedback from stall holders