Regatta babies are all winners

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Beautiful babies wowed the judges at what is one of the most fiercely contested competitions in the Regatta

Proud mums, dads, grannies and grandads packed into Whitby Pavilion on Saturday morning to see if their little one might be crowned winner.

Whitby Regatta 2013 - Saturday''John Freeman and Miss Regatta Alice Price with Carolyn Lavagna and overall winner Flynn''w133302s

Whitby Regatta 2013 - Saturday''John Freeman and Miss Regatta Alice Price with Carolyn Lavagna and overall winner Flynn''w133302s

Judges Jean Stonehouse, borough mayor Sue Backhouse and Cathy Ingledow had the difficult task of picking which cuties deserved the array of trophies up for grabs in three categories - 0 to 6 months, six to 12 months and 12 to 24 months.

Winner of the contest overall was Whitby tot Flynn Lavagna from Whitby.

He was brought to the bonny baby competition by his proud grandparents Carolyn and Eric Lavagna.

His mum and dad Stevie Lavagna and Adam Bell, who weren’t at the contest, didn’t even know he had scooped the title.

Eric said they were over the moon their youngest grandson had won the title.

“I’m ecstatic,” he said. “He’s a nice little lad, he’s a bit of a livewire.”

Grandma Carolyn added: “We are so very very proudof him.” Borough mayor Coun Andrew Backhouse, said: “We were surprised at the number of Bonny Baby entries.

“That was a really nice, pleasant surprise. If you are not careful these traditions fall by the way side, but I think if families have been winners themselves, it makes them want to continue and enter their children too.”


0-6 months

1 Tallulah Jones, Whitby

2 Frankie Harland, Whitby

3 Zayden Swales, Whitby

6-12 months

1 Ellie Johnson, Whitby

2 Samuel Bailey, Whitby

3 Latisha Hodson, Manchester

12-24 months

1 Flynn Lavagna, Whitby

2 Poppy-Mary Mainwaring, Whitby.

3 Mitchell Weatherill, Whitby

Grannies of all ages shone as they battled it out to be crowned the most glamorous granny in Whitby.

Borough mayor Andrew Backhouse and dance school founder Barbara Benson had the tough task of picking the winner out of the five entrants at Whitby Pavilion on Saturday.

Tracey McKenna (43) from Middlesbrough, whose parents Ann and Peter Parkinson live in Whitby’s Spring Vale, scooped first place.

Tracey, who comes every year to the Regatta with her family, said she was delighted to have the chance to ride in the horse and cart in Monday’s Regatta parade.

She said: “I’ve never entered anything like this before, I’m shaking.

“I feel very shocked, I was only expecting a bunch of flowers.”

Second place was awarded to Elaine Bagley (63) from Whitby while fellow gran, Nora Hutchinson scooped third place.

Nora (80) who is also from Whitby is no stranger to success in the competition - she won the Glamorous Granny Competition in the Regatta 30 years ago.