Recycle your goods properly

A recycling company has called for those wanting to dispose of scrap to do so properly rather than resorting to flytipping or unlicensed disposal methods

From a toaster to a washing machine, RB Recycling have held a contract with Scarborough Council for five years to correctly collect and dispose of unwanted scrap items in Whitby. The disposal company have recently had to begin charging for the disposal of larger items.

Although collection is still free, the return on scrap is so low meaning disposal now comes with a charge of £7.50 for bulky electrical items or three items for £22. Small items are free.

Jasmine Trotter, general manager, said: “We want to let people know we are here. We are licensed properly and we can make sure that it will be disposed of in the correct way.”

Scrap that has been flytipped or incorrectly disposed of can be tracked back to the owners and they can be held responsible.

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A spokesmanfor Scarborough Borough Council said: “Unfortunately, the deteriorating commodity prices globally have meant that we can no longer offer this as a free service. However, by using RB Recycling, residents can be assured that the process is done in line with all environmental legislation.

“It is worth reminding residents that if they use an unauthorised waste carrier and their waste is found illegally dumped, then the resident can be held responsible.

“It is important to check where your waste is going and obtain proper documentation to confirm this.”

To use this service the call centre direct is (01723) 582589, or through the council to RB 
Recycling on (01723) 232323.