Recipe: Frozen Yorkshire Blue Cheese Salad

Oxpasture Hall . Chef Ollie Moore in the kitchen. . pic Richard Ponter 181232k
Oxpasture Hall . Chef Ollie Moore in the kitchen. . pic Richard Ponter 181232k

This is definitely my go-to summer salad which I just love to eat and it’s a winner with my girlfriend too.

I originally enjoyed coming up with this dish as it is a take on a classic but served in a modern way, marrying the flavours of salty and creamy Yorkshire blue cheese with bitter salad leaves and tart walnuts ... the flavours are very similar to a Waldorf salad.



This recipe is great for dinner parties and BBQs for this summer, you could even serve it with a whole roasted chicken.

Salad serves 4/ Crumble serves 10

(3-month freezer life)

- Salad time 10 minutes / Freeze time 2 hours

- Difficulty 2/10


Baby gem lettuce x 6

Toasted Walnuts x 100g

Yorkshire blue cheese x 200g

Red endive x 1

Dressing/salt to taste


Blue cheese crumble:

Flour x 250g

Butter x250g

Blue cheese x 150g

First start by preparing and washing the salad leaves, it’s best to keep them nice and chunky.

Toast the walnuts in a pre-heated oven (180 degrees) for 4/5 minutes, while these are in the oven begin to make the blue cheese crumble, this is a very quick process.

Place all the ingredients in a food mixer and mix till you get a crumble-looking consistency, now place this mix on to a large baking tray and bake till golden.

Once cooled break down into small chunks and freeze.

This can be stored for up to 2 months.

With the remaining blue cheese crumble this down into small bitesize pieces and freeze for at least an hour.

To make the salad ... in a large bowl dress the lettuce and endive, this would also be the best time to do your seasoning, now add the toasted walnuts and a handful of your blue cheese crumble.

It’s best to add the frozen Yorkshire blue just before serving.

The hardest part of this salad is trying to stop yourself from eating the frozen cheese, so maybe freeze a little bit more than needed.