Reasons for loss of high street '˜go deeper' than online shopping

I find it interesting to read all the time how our high streets are dying and many shops are struggling or closing.

Friday, 19th October 2018, 8:00 am
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It is easy to blame the internet and online shopping for shops closing, but the real reasons are deeper.

We keep hearing unemployment is at an all-time low, but look at many of the jobs that have replaced our industrial jobs and they are low paid and low hours.

The real problem is that many people have less spare money to spend on luxuries, that’s why shops are struggling.

By the time people pay accommodation costs, council tax, utilities, travel costs and eat, they have nothing left.

I am in my mid-fifties, when I was younger we had less things to pay out, no TV subscriptions, mobile phones, internet etc.

All these modern day services add an extra financial burden to people’s hard pushed finances.

It’s okay for the more well off in society to bemoan the loss of the high street and some big names, but a lot of people can’t afford to pay hundreds of pounds for items of clothing.

People are going to shop on the internet if the prices are lower.

What do the moaners expect the less well off to do, subsidise shops charging higher prices?

Ian Dixon

Fishburn Road