Rare attraction at garden centre

Baby white reindeer at Victoria Farm Garden Centre
Baby white reindeer at Victoria Farm Garden Centre

A WHITBY garden centre is inviting residents to help name their white baby reindeer.

Mark Noble, owner of Victoria Farm, keeps a small flock of reindeer, and this year they experienced a rare occurrence when a white calf was born.

Mark said: “Every year we get at least two babies, born in May, and very rarely you get a pure white baby.

“It’s something like a one in 10,000 chance, but I guess if you live in the Arctic then it isn’t a bad thing.”

The garden centre is hosting a competition to name the white reindeer, and a post box has been placed beside the animal’s pen where suggestions can be posted.

It’s free to enter and will be drawn just before Christmas, with the winning entry getting a festive prize.

Mark was also able to offer an interesting fact about Rudolph and Santa’s other reindeer.

He said: “Rudolph is actually a girl, because the males shed their antlers just before Christmas.

“Our big man loses his on 21 or 22 December every year, whereas the females keep theirs a bit longer.