Racket man sees Olympic action

Rob Plackett in his Olympics uniform
Rob Plackett in his Olympics uniform

A WHITBY man is getting an up-close insight into the Olympic Games.

Rob Plackett, of Eskdale Road, has been chosen as one of 70,000 Olympic volunteers, known as “Games Makers”, who try to ensure that the events run without a hitch.

Before heading to the Games, the lifelong badminton fan said: “It is going to be a hectic couple of weeks, but I am looking forward to the challenge for what will be a once in a lifetime opportunity.”

Mr Plackett will be based at Wembley Arena and has a variety of roles, including assisting athletes, spectators and the Wembley Arena Team.

Unfortunately, he did not expect to catch much of his beloved badminton, which is taking place on three adjacent courts.

However, the volunteering role is not without its perks, as Mr Plackett explained: “LOCOG, the London 2012 organisers, have issued all volunteers with an Oyster card, which entitles us to free travel within London, and they will also provide meals when we are on duty.

“Let’s hope the sun shines for once and helps to give athletes, visitors and volunteers alike a truly memorable experience.”

Before heading off for London Mr Plackett attended an assembly at East Whitby school and spoke to the children about his experiences as an Olympic volunteer so far.